Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mr & Mrs Mangesi's Wedding | 10 August 2013

Its not often I agree to do a wedding which is in the rural area's because of time, but someone I know referred Mr Mangesi to me & I agreed to cover the wedding. Mr and Mrs Mangesi got married in Tabase, a village just outside of Mthatha, about 30km out towards Ngcobo/Langeni.

With very little communication from the groom (whom I was dealing with) I arrived on time & was ready for action... just to find the wedding was running just over an hour late. Fortunately I was covering the wedding with a videographer whom I knew and worked with several times so I had some company out there :)

The wedding had a gorgeous setting, it was on a hill overlooking various villages and smaller hills in the valley. Everything happened under a tent, both the ceremony & the reception.

A tradition I've always found quite interesting in the Xhosa culture is when the couple (once married) walk around the grooms family homestead, its almost like they introducing her to everyone as the new makoti (married lady into the family).

Traditional Xhosa weddings are awesome!


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